Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What would you pay?

Here is a sample of our Umf Box Day 1 Menu - what would you pay for this?






Apricot fingers

Fruit kebab

Ham Wrap

Veggie sticks

Tuna quiche

Potato wedges

Biltong pancake pocket

Whole fruit i.e. nartjie


Frutea Ice Tea


Apricot Fingers (pg

Make 40 fingers

Ref: pg94 SEFK

150ml, butter, at room temperature

200ml soft brown sugar

1egg, preferably omega-3 rich

5ml vanilla essence

500ml flour

5ml baking powder

250ml lower GI oats*

2,5ml salt

5ml ground cinnamon

150ml apricot spread

Ham Wrap

Make 40 Sticks

Ref: pg3 SCDB

40 pitted prunes

40 almonds

10 gouda Cheese slices cut into 4 strips

10 slices cooked ham cut into 4 strips

40 tooth picks

Tuna Quiche

12 baby quiches

Ref: pg129 SEFK

2 tuna cans

½medium onion, chopped finely

250ml cooked or canned butter beans, drained – L-GI*

200ml fat-free milk

5eggs, preferably omega 3-rich

5-10ml mustard powder


2,5ml freshly ground black pepper

5ml dried parsley or mixed herbs

30g low-fat cheddar or mozzarella cheese (1 matchbox before grating) – L-GI*

Potato wedges

12 small servings

Ref: pg140 SEFK

450G Baby potatoes 12 & sweet potatoes (2medium)

15ml oil, canola or olive*

5ml salt and other spices as desired

Biltong pancake pocket

6 pancakes

Ref: 122 SEFK

1 egg, preferably omega-3 rich

5ml oil, macadamia or canola*

1,25ml vinegar

190ml cake flour

1,25ml salt

60ml oat bran*

250ml fat-free or low-fat milk*

5ml baking powder

5-10 pieces of biltong per filling

* Contributes to recipe being Low GI

Umf Box menus are all made from scratch, even our breads. Thus, we know exactly what is in every lunch box and how it will benefit your child. Our menus are all low GI, diabetic friendly and also aimed at giving the best possible nutrition for school going children with various disorders, i.e. ADHD, SPD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, etc.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Opening of Belli, Baby & Beyond Emporium

Umf Box is very excited to be part of the opening and community of
Belli, Baby & Beyond Emporium!

This unique and beautiful store has an enormous variety of participants. Belli, Baby & Beyond Emporium offers a clinic, coffee shop, retail area, physiotherapist, midwife, homeopath, nutritionist, educational psychologist, florist, etc. WOW - what a mouth full, all under one roof!

Umf Box has the privilege to be part of this emporium community by advertising on a pillar just outside the clinic.

Come join us at the opening 2 October.

Location? In the Somerset Mall area... the side of House & Home, just below that Decor Shopping area (where House & Home is) is the Melksloot Village - opposite Waltons that will also be opening soon.

Looking forward seeing you there!

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Raising Happy, Healthy Children" - by Sally-Ann Creed & Andalene Salvesen

As an Umf Box partner and mother, I am constantly seeking to learning more of healthy eating... for children in particular.

I was privileged to attend the book launch in August of "Raising Happy, Healthy Children" by Sally-Ann Creed and Andalene Salvesen. This book is unique, it discusses the nutritional needs of children and how nutrition has a direct impact on childs behaviour! Sally-Ann Creed is a well known and renowned Clinical Nutritionist aswell as winner of the most influencial women in business and government 2009/2010.

Learning more of healthy eating habits and nutrition is condensed in her website. Visit www.sallanncreed.co.za.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How will Umf Box Benefit You?

1.) The average parent that buy an Umf Box for their children, will have no added monthly expense.
2.) Parents will save time preparing lunch boxes.
3.) Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child will have a balance meal and will boost performance.
4.) Knowing that you contribute to an organic agriculture by supporting biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

The Birth of Umf Box

Who we are:

The concept of Umf Box was born due to a mom struggling with her toddlers eating habits. The eldest son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Verbal Apraxia. With some basic research she realised that the disorders has a direct impact on eating habits and the nutrition has a direct impact on growth, behavior, development, etc.

She started schooling herself by learning more of nutrition and in doing so, realised the enormous need that other parents are equally worried about their child's health.

We decided to make a difference - thus the birth of Umf Box.

We formed a team of ladies that are equally concerned about children and want to make a difference in their health and eating habits. All bring their unique expertise and from a different background and culture, but one thing stands out, our children needs the best and we WILL provide that!

Umf Box - Unique Meal Feast!

What is the backbone of a healthy lunch box?

During our research we realised that this generation of children have many more illnesses and disorders. How could Umf Box help with this problem? Well, we aim to give children the BEST!

Organic food – why organic?

Organic food is essential for our children since it has more nutritional value and it was produced with no pesticides or harmful toxins. All these toxins and poisons are affecting our children’s behaviors and abilities.
Ever wondered why we never new a child with ADHD when we grew up… We played and exercised much more! Our children do not exercise and play as we did as children. It is too dangerous for our children to ride bicycle on their own in the street or run to the park and play. Our children can only play in a small space at home. Parents that come home from work are too tiered to play with their children and rather have them watch TV or play on the computer. Due to this way of live, it is crucial that we take extra care (more than in the past) to what kinds of foods our children eat.

Presentation = Fun Food!

Our children are growing up in a time where they are spoilt with amazing visuals – this is why presentation is so important! We present the foods in such a way that children are excited to see what is in the lunch box and cannot wait to eat it.
Low GI (Glycemic Index) GI is a measure of the impact of food on your blood sugar. Foods with a high GI tend to quickly raise your body's blood sugar levels. By contrast, foods with a low GI will raise them more slowly and over a longer period, thus ensuring sustained energy.

No Harmful Preservatives

Harmful food preservatives are:
Benzoates: This group of chemical food preservatives has been banned in Russia because of its role in triggering allergies, asthma and skin rashes. It is also considered to cause brain damage. This food preservative is used in fruit juices, tea, coffee etc.
Butylates: This chemical food preservative is expected to cause high blood pressure and raise cholestrol levels. This can affect the kidney and liver function. It is found in butter, vegetable oils and margarine.
BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole):
BHA is expected to cause the liver diseases and cancer. This food preservative is used to preserve the fresh pork and pork sausages, potato chips, instant teas, cake mixes and many more.
In addition to these there are many other harmful food preservatives. These are Caramel (food colorant), Bromates, Caffeine, Carrageenan, Chlorines, Coal Tar AZO Dies, Gallates, Glutamates, Mono- and Di-glycerides, Nitrates/Nitrites, Saccharin, Sodium Erythrobate, Sulphites and Tannin

No Artificial Colourants

Though past research showed no correlation between Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and food dyes, new studies now point to synthetic preservatives and artificial colouring agents as aggravating ADD and ADHD symptoms, both in those affected by these disorders and in the general population. Older studies were inconclusive quite possibly due to inadequate clinical methods of measuring offending behavior. Parental reports were more accurate indicators of the presence of additives than clinical tests. Several major studies show academic performance increased and disciplinary problems decreased in large non-ADD student populations when artificial ingredients, including artificial colors, were eliminated from school food programs.

Rooibos Tea–FRUtea Cooldrink

Rooibos Tea is naturally good for you. It is an anti-allergic nutritional supplementary drink and is suitable for babies from birth. It can help relieve the following conditions:
Food Allergies
Stomach Cramps

Water bottle

Water is essential to all the vital functions of your body.
It reduces the risk of so many health issues people face, especially cancer of the bladder, breast, colon and kidney. Drunk together with raw foods and cleansing, water is a natural cancer cure.
Regular hydration will boost your energy levels.
It will also boost your immune system and mental sharpness.
You need water to speed up recovery from injuries.
Cleansing and detoxing absolutely requires water. Don't spend money on colon cleansers or any other detoxing system and then neglect drinking lots of water. You may be doing more harm than good.

Umf Box has a Dream

We have a dream for Umf Box…

Who are we: really not anybody... we are mothers living in South Africa and thinking of our children’s future and the future of other South African children... Michael Jackson sang: "the children are our future..." This is exactly what we want to share with you.

We started our own business and want to contribute to help the children of our future. We are so excited about it! We will be preparing lunch boxes with organic, low GI food containing no harmful preservatives or colourants for parents to order. These will include Halaal and vegetarian options, with plans to later also offer lunch boxes for ADHD, diabetes, and other eating disorders and diseases. We present the lunch boxes very creatively, so that children will be looking forward to eating fruit and vegetables.

More about the children of our future: after our business has grown and people are aware of our goals, we aim to create a window on our website where individuals or groups can donate a lunch box to less privileged children. Our reasoning is that if children know they’ll get a meal at school, and a HEALTHY one at that, the chances are that they’d actually go. And with a healthy meal, the child’s brain can absorb what is being taught in class better, which is the basis of a better future for our children. If they have food to eat, they will be able to concentrate on work. Hopefully it can create a better South Africa for all if our children … if they can just eat well.

We have a big dream and are so excited in achieving it!